Flower Girl

Alright, so maybe I can’t tell you the name of every flower I come across… But I’m learning!

Since I was a little girl, my mother and grandmother have shown me the beauty of flowers. There has never been a time when our house was not graced with the presence of a green, leafy thing. I watched the movie The Secret Garden so many times that I just about ruined the VHS. After I watched it, I would go outside and pretend to explore a secret garden of my own. There’s nothing on this Earth quite like the colors and aroma of fresh flowers. They’re the closest thing to unicorns and fairy dust we will ever get in my opinion..

So why make a blog revolving around them? Well, aside from the ranty reasoning above, I will be interning at Flower Magazine this coming spring! I am completely and utterly overjoyed about it, and thought a blog could keep me satisfied until the magazine fun begins!

Hope you enjoy,



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