Marigolds & Chocolate Cosmos


The Marigold

When with a serious musing I behold
The grateful and obsequious marigold,
How duly every morning she displays
Her open breast, when Titan spreads his rays;
How she observes him in his daily walk,
Still bending towards him her small slender stalk;
How when he down declines, she droops and mourns,
Bedewed, as ’twere with tears, till he returns;
And how she veils her flowers when he is gone,
As if she scorned to be looked on
By an inferior eye; or did contemn
To wait upon a meaner light than him.
When this I meditate, methinks the flowers
Have spirits far more generous than ours,
And give us fair examples to despise
The servile fawnings and idolatries,
Wherewith we court these earthly things below,
Which merit not the service we bestow…

-George Wither

Well…. At least it’s still October..

I can’t believe how crazy it has been over the past few months. I applaud those who have jobs while making it through grad school. I don’t know how some of these full-time teachers do it when these observation hours take up so much time!


This month’s flower is, to no surprise, the marigold. It just looks like autumn.

ย mformarigold

marigold facts;

  • given as a sign of warmth or fierceness, undying love, or as a way of saying that you’re content with being with the recipient
  • natural mosquito repellant
  • easily grown/basic care
  • native to South America

October is also the month of the cosmo.

No, not the universe; the flower.


These little guys are called the love flower.

There are many different kinds and colors of the cosmo flower, but I am choosing to talk about the chocolate cosmo for obvious reasons.

This maroon flower is called the chocolate cosmo because it smells like chocolate.

It is called the love flower for the following reasons:

  • When presented to a partner the Cosmos flower says ‘Let’s Walk Together Hand In Hand’
  • It is the 2nd anniversary bouquet flower
  • The Chocolate Cosmos means “No One Can Love You Like I Can” (because chocolate will never let you down…. I’m assuming.. I know this is how I feel toward chocolate..)
  • Cosmo flowers represent beauty, peace, and modesty


I did it! I was worried I wouldn’t have time to post this month, but I was pretty determined since I hadn’t missed a month yet.


Y’all go enjoy sweater weather… leather weather?… this cool weather.

Forever Floral,




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