Lovely Larkspur



Pink, rose, lilac and white
Beautiful Larkspur
What a lovely sight
Many blossoms
On the same stem
Trying to get closer
To the Great I Am
In the garden
Of fellow man
Plant our feet
On solid land
Feeding us
With living Water
Every precious
Son and daughter
Let our bloom not
Wither and fade
For there’s
No earthly reason
You’re there with increase
In every season
In the summer
Of the Larkspur’s life
Heat will come
With gale and strife
Our flower will bloom
With no loss
Under the resurrection
Power of Your Cross

-Judy L Wilson

I’m not going to lie… I wasn’t very familiar with the larkspur before I did some research. I found out it’s because I’ve always heard it called by its latin name, delphinium.


Some facts about this supermodel of a flower:
  • come in blue, pink, white, and purple
  • typically grow from 4 to 6 feet tall (hence the supermodel reference)
  • highly toxic, so do not ingest!
  • derived from greek “delphis” meaning dolphin
  • larkspur comes from shape of a spur, which resembles the hind toe of a lark
  • symbolizes good luck (white larkspur represented joy and happy nature in ancient times)
  • also commonly called lark’s heel, lark’s claw, and knight’s spur
Hope everyone had a happy 4th of july!
Forever Floral,

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