Violets & St. Valentine

“And on the violet’s velvet leaves he pierced these lines divine… They simply said, ‘I love you and I’m your Valentine.'” – Phoebe Fulkerson Harris (1830-1917)

Happy Valentine’s week!!

I say week because I’ve received a rose (from a random person, still no valentine.. but I kinda like it better that way) and it’s put me in a lovey-dovey mood already.  😉  Plus, this blog is all about flowers, and the best thing to get a valentine is a nice bouquet of flowers, right?

Most people probably assume that February’s flower is the rose since it is pretty romantic and red…but they would be wrong.

This month’s flower is the lovely violet.


I kind of like how it’s a breath of fresh air from the Valentine’s Day red rose cliché.

I think any flower is romantic.. Especially one’s favorite.

Here are some facts about this forgotten flower:

  • The name “violet” comes from the word “vias” meaning “wayside”
  • Symbolizes faithfulness, chastity, and humility
  • Had hidden message in Victorian era (purple: “I’ll always be true” white: “Let’s take a chance”)
  • St. Valentine’s Day and his violets became popular in the 1800s
  • New Englanders in the 1930s still preferred boxes of candy topped with violets on Valentine’s Day

So if you want to stray from the typical rose this Valentine’s Day, go for the traditional violet. It is, after all, how it all began.

Forever Floral,



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