Year of Flower.


It’s 2014. Wow.

SO many great things happening this year! My internship at Flower (which starts in 4 days! Can’t believe it’s finally here!!) and graduation in May, just to name a couple.

I’m determined to make this year the best one yet, so I hope you’ll join me in my adventures to come!

So– new year, new month, new flower.

January’s flower is the carnation.


This is such a fresh-looking flower, which is appropriate since it’s the brand new beginning of a brand new year. Don’t you just love a clean slate?

They come in a variety of colors, but if you would like to make your own shade you can  color them by placing a white carnation in water to which you’ve added the food coloring of your choice. Within 24 hours, the carnation will take up the color in the water. Pretty cool, huh?

They also have many different uses, such as hair accessories and bouquets for weddings:


Color meanings:

  • white- devotion and good luck
  • light red- admiration
  • dark red- deep love
  • pink- motherly love

Fun Facts:

  • Christian legend holds that carnations sprang up from where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell as she cried over her son’s plight on the cross
  • Official state flower of Ohio
  • National flower of Spain and Slovenia
  • Originated in Eurasia and have been cultivated for 2,000 years, making them among the world’s oldest cultivated flowers
  • Botanical name, Dianthus, translates as “flower of the gods”
  • Edible blooms
  • First carnations in the US came in a shipment from France to Long Island, New York in 1852

Great flower to start the new year with, right?

Forever Floral,



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