I know, guys. I’m horrible at keeping this blog updated, but it’s finals week so I have an excuse.. πŸ™‚

But this month’s flower is just too good not to share, so I thought I could pause my super intense study session (half true.. okay, one-third..) and reveal one of my favorite flowers to you.


December’s flower is the Narcissus.

It’s a little bit ironic to me since the holiday season is supposed to be about giving and loving others, and the Greek god the flower is named after fell in love with his own reflection.. I mean, the literal translation of narcissism is “a fixation with oneself.”

It’s also a spring-flowering bulb… C’mon… Who paired these together?!

Anyway, this flower is one of the most graceful and elegant flowers out there.

And if it reminds you of a Daffodil, it’s because Daffodils are actually a type of Narcissus plant, along with the fairly common Paper-Whites.


A few facts:

  • Most popular flower in Germany
  • Derived from Greek word Narke meaning numbness of stupor
  • Symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings

Alright, back to studying…

Forever Floral,



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