Happy Halloween!!

Yes, October is almost over and the holidays are well underway (stores have already started playing Christmas music.. not kidding), but I wanted to quickly share this frequently overlooked flower.

There’s absolutely no mistaking why this flower is known as the October flower…

The Marigold


Not only do these bright, round blooms resemble a perfectly orange pumpkin, they remind me of a full harvest moon.

Fun Facts:

  • Named for the Virgin Mary (Mary’s Gold)
  •  Burpee president David Burpee launched an energetic campaign to have marigolds named the national flower, but in the end, roses won out.
  • For years, farmers have included the open-pollinated African marigold ‘Crackerjack’ in chicken feed to make egg yolks a darker yellow.

Interesting, huh?

Other than needing a lot of sunshine, marigolds have a reputation for being pretty easy to keep up.

Hope you enjoyed!

Forever Floral,



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